Everyone can have fun with rhythms.

If you've ever thought reading music might be hard,

this site is for you.

Traditional ways to write music can seem difficult to read, but recent research into the way the brain sees patterns is helping us understand how we can look at symbols differently, and decode them more easily.


Our first release is the Woodchuck Rhythm App, for iPad, which went live in May. It's free, and aims to lay the groundwork for music reading in a fun and creative way.

Designed with children in mind, the app may also appeal to adults with a sense of humour!

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Welcome to the

Woodchuck Rhythm website


If you don't live in North America, you might be asking...

               "What is a Woodchuck anyway?"


A Woodchuck is the largest member of the squirrel family, and although it can climb really well, it lives in burrows underground, a bit like a rabbit. Americans also call these animals Groundhogs ( because they live underground), or Whistle Pigs (because they whistle when danger is coming).


There are some good photos on this website:


The Woodchuck is also on Facebook if you want to write a message, post screenshots of your own rhythms in the Rhythm-Maker, or make suggestions.



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